The firm's litigation philosophy is that aggressive representation often leads to a favorable settlement. The firm always encourages settlement and strongly believes in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). However, each case is treated on an individual basis. The Law Offices of Glenn T. Litwak has a client-oriented practice where the attorneys communicate effectively with their clients. At the Law Offices of Glenn T. Litwak we aim to maximize results for our clients at minimal cost. Our firm specializes in the following areas:

Motion Picture and Television

  • production and distribution companies
  • documentary filmmakers
  • actors
  • writers
  • directors and independent producers
  • models and modeling agencies
  • financiers/investors
  • reality TV cast members/contestants
  • TV hosts



  • music producers
  • production and management companies
  • recording artists
  • record labels
  • music producers
  • songwriters
  • music supervisors
  • recording studios
  • music video and creative directors
  • dancers
  • choreographers
  • concert and event producers
  • musicians
  • bands
  • dj's


New Media

  • content providers
  • producers of content for digital/mobile distribution


  • banks
  • financial institutions
  • debtors
  • creditors
  • retailers
  • manufacturers
  • employers
  • entrepreneurs
  • buyers

Civil Litigation

  • personal injury
  • breach of contract
  • fraud
  • copyright infringement
  • story theft
  • employment litigation as well as cases involving declaratory and injunctive relief

Real Estate

  • buyers
  • sellers
  • brokers
  • developers
The firm is personally familiar with other attorneys and law firms outside of its area of expertise and locale. We are often able to refer clients to experienced lawyers who specialize in such fields as tax law, securities, corporate law, worker's compensation, estates and trusts, and family and immigration law.

Community Involvement
The firm's attorneys are dedicated to pro bono work for non-profit organizations such as California Lawyers for the Arts. We also provide opportunities for law school and paralegal students to intern at the firm.